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Raheem, a science-fiction exploration and survival story.

In the distant future, as mankind expands across the galaxy, scientist Agrawen Unelo leads a starship on a mission to explore and understand new and unexplained mysteries.

When disaster strikes and only a few surviving crewmembers are stranded on the low-technology planet Raheem, they must adjust to life on this harsh and unforgiving world.

It will take all their skills and resilience to survive, and the monsters they face won't all have fur and claws. In their desperation, will they transform into better versions of themselves and rise to the challenge, or will they fail to work together, with dire consequences?

Raheem, by Cran Palto, is high-stakes adventure. Complex and flawed characters must look within themselves for strength and resolve, and learn to accept help, affection, and support from each other. They will also have to learn to defend their lives from various natural and human enemies. This thrilling, fast-paced story borders on horror and has some romantic elements.

Raheem is meant for older teens and adults. It contains situations some might find distubing.

Free Online: Start at chapter 1. The book is formatted to fit most reading devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smart phones. While the book is being written, all the chapters are free, worldwide.

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